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About the Author

Diane is the founder and leader of Epiphany! Coaching. Diane is on a mission to support and develop business professionals in having a business and a life that her clients can feel great about .  At the core of her effectiveness, is the belief that fulfillment comes from genuine connection within and with others, and from aligning our day-to-day actions with our personal values. She is passionate about waking up tired businesses and their leaders to enhance their operations and relationships, and ultimately their day-to-day contentment.

Diane believes in dreaming deep, not big.  Dreaming big is about having more for the sake of having more.  Dreaming deep is about understanding the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ of the business, understanding the core values that underlie the business mission, focusing on quality of services, products, and interactions, and on people over things and tasks. In so doing, people, teams and organizations have true, far-reaching, and sustainable impact.

As a counselor-and-nurse-turned business owner and leadership coach, Diane has over 20+ years of entrepreneurship and humanitarian service. Diane trained at Duquesne University, IUP and Coach U, and has received several business and leadership awards including the Pittsburgh Business Times WomenFirst Award, the Make Mine a Million Dollar Business award from Count Me In, and her former wellness company was named a finalist as a HealthCare Hero. When she is not working, Diane enjoys painting with her daughter, romping in nature with her two ‘ponies’ (ie mastiffs) JoJo and TyTy, playing strategy board games with her husband and kids, writing poetry, traveling, working out at the local gym, and mastering escape rooms.


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